Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Latest info on event!

We’re getting closer to the Huddersfield Librarian TeachMeet, so here are a few more details about the afternoon.

We’ll start at 2 o’clock exactly, so please arrive between 13:45 & 14:00 so we can start promptly.

14:00-14:10 Introduction / Welcome to the event
14:15-14:45 Speed Networking
14:45-15:45 Quick Presentations
15:45-16:25 Bag of Goodies
16:25-16:30 Feedback and winding up

For continuing discussion, people are welcome to get together in The Head of Steam afterwards, a pub conveniently positioned in Huddersfield Train station.

The event is in the Seminar room on floor 3 of the Library and Computing Centre at the University of Huddersfield, within the Central Services Building – that’s the tallest building on campus with “UNIVERSITY” in large letters at the top. We are about 10 minutes walk from the train station. Report to the library reception on arriving and you’ll be guided to the room.

If you’ve not yet given a topic for a lightning talk, please do, we can squeeze a few more in! The list of talks so far are on the blog, we’d like as many people as possible sharing on the day.

We’d also like to share presentations with others and intend recording all talks. If you don’t want photos or videos of yourself to be taken and shared, please let us know before the day. We’ll also assume that no-one minds names and email addresses to be shared via an attendee list unless we hear otherwise.

One of the things we’ve got planned for the event is a reading corner. We’ve created a list of bookmarks online and will provide print versions of as many of these as possible on the day for you to look through. Please look at the list and add anything you think would be useful as well as leaving comments on the items already up there.

If you’re on twitter, use #hudteachmeet to tweet about the event, we’ll also use the blog to collate information about the day.



Monday, 10 January 2011

Short talks

We've started to get offers for short, lightening style talks for the TeachMeet - We'll list them here as they come in!

  • Anne-Mary Inglehearn - "Keeping the attention of your audience."
  • Andrew Walsh - "Clickers, Mobile phones and Twitter, polling for all!"
  • Joe Newsome - "All things to everybody"
  • Kaye Towlson - "Effective assessment: A tough nut to crack"
  • Catherine Parkin - "How team teaching for Law students led to an increased awareness of my role amongst staff and students"
  • Sarah Munks - "Induction by crossword"
  • Alison Sharman - "Emotional Intelligence"
  • Jacqui Mooney & Jo Ashley - "Literature Searching for International Students"
  • Dan Pullinger - "Developing the academic skills of postgraduates: my early adventures in blended learning.
  • Alison Lahlafi - "Linking information literacy skills to the employment agenda"
  • Maria Introwicz - "Plagiarism awareness at Bradford"
  • Derek Charlwood - "Information skills and Information Technology"

A (draft) reading corner

I've started off a list of (possibly) useful books & articles in Google Bookmarks that I'll invite attendees to contribute to.

We'll try and make sure as many as possible are available in print for people to mooch through on the day, but we'll also encourage comments on the online list. Hopefully we'll end up with some useful resources for people to follow up on after the event!