Monday, 10 January 2011

Short talks

We've started to get offers for short, lightening style talks for the TeachMeet - We'll list them here as they come in!

  • Anne-Mary Inglehearn - "Keeping the attention of your audience."
  • Andrew Walsh - "Clickers, Mobile phones and Twitter, polling for all!"
  • Joe Newsome - "All things to everybody"
  • Kaye Towlson - "Effective assessment: A tough nut to crack"
  • Catherine Parkin - "How team teaching for Law students led to an increased awareness of my role amongst staff and students"
  • Sarah Munks - "Induction by crossword"
  • Alison Sharman - "Emotional Intelligence"
  • Jacqui Mooney & Jo Ashley - "Literature Searching for International Students"
  • Dan Pullinger - "Developing the academic skills of postgraduates: my early adventures in blended learning.
  • Alison Lahlafi - "Linking information literacy skills to the employment agenda"
  • Maria Introwicz - "Plagiarism awareness at Bradford"
  • Derek Charlwood - "Information skills and Information Technology"

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