Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bag of Goodies notes

Here are the notes from the "bag of goodies" exercise, all tablecloths summarised into one list!

QR codes
Printed handouts (embed in extra material)

Background when people coming in / doing exercise.
In Cephalonia inductions
Create atmosphere (calming or invigorating)
Getting students off their chairs


Clothes Pegs
Referencing - putting terms in right order (x2 - almost identical comments!)

Egg timer
Timed discussions
Time related activities "how many keywords in 2 minutes"

Use as incentive / reward

Building blocks
Foundations for argument
spidergram - colours mean different things
Build a lego figure - then have to say how it represents your attitude / feeling to the library (or similar for modelling clay)

Modelling clay
Using to print letter in
Make a model to represent different steps on a journey?
Ice - breakers

Giant Sticky Notes
Get students to write down concerns

Marketing tool

Choose your own adventure
snakes and ladders - different routes to reach your goal, e.g., essay writing process from being given title to final mark

Laminated sheet - resuable / green.

Misc / not sure what to put under!
Visual learners element of play
Focus away from librarians as teachers - students as active
tactile objects to engage

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