Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Some feedback from the day

A little delayed but here is feedback from the day, mainly from the sticky notes stuck to the glass on the way out! In no particular order...

  • Too fast
  • lots of ideas shared
  • maybe not enough time to network inbetween
  • V. enjoyable afternoon - lots of activity in bite sized chunks
  • Excellent, thoroughly enjoyable and informative - great to share and learnt a lot
  • Shame no time for questions for presentations
  • Great to meet up with some familiar faces and meet new people!
  • Nice that we all got involbed and learnt from each other
  • friendly, informal atmosphere
  • cake was a bonus!
  • new contacts made
  • Fun meeting people
  • liked the speed dating (would liked that to be longer)
  • Lots of ideas
  • Good
  • stimulating
  • informative
  • new ideas
  • enoyed the mini-presentations - just the right length
  • All tips were interesting and very welcome!
  • gained lots of new ideas - thanks!
  • Great networking and information sharing experience
  • Good for meeting people from other institutions and getting ideas
  • Really enjoyed it - as a person new to teaching info skills its great to pick up new tips
  • Would be good to have more sessions
  • Time rushed by - really good & stimulating session - enjoyed very much
  • 5 min sharing hour was very informative
  • Great to share ideas and see what otehr peoplea re doing
  • lots of common concerns
  • "employability" and "context" are the two buzzwords I'll take away with me
  • Loads of good ideas
  • I feel really enthused and motivated (+hot!)
  • Lots of practical ideas to take away
  • A few useful ideas that I'd not thought of - or not used previously that I intend to try - so that was just what I was looking for!
  • Overall very enjoyable!
  • Very useful for ideas
  • Speed networking was fabulous (the most valuable part of the teach meet)
  • Room could maybe be a bit bigger (noisy during networking therefore hard to hear – It would have helped to spread out more)
  • Next time maybe a bit longer to allow for a few Q’s after each presentation, also to prevent anyone feeling rushed. A future half day or even whole day?? (ambitious!)
  • Some presentations were not quite what I expected. Some gave a more general overview rather than a snippet of an interactive teaching method (which was more the sort of idea / useful tip I was looking for).
  • Bag of goodies – perhaps a feedback to whole group and suggestions on use of contents (more time would have allowed this)
  • Liked the idea for drinks afterwards
  • Good mix of topics
  • Sharing emails was also a good idea

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